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Home Pregnancy Shooting

Home Pregnancy Shooting

Maternity photo shoots can be done in different places. During the summer, it is very often in the Goudes, near the sea in the Calanques of Marseille. However, when temperatures begin to fall, future parents tend to prefer to stay warm. So we opt for a shoot at my studio in Marseille in the 8th arrondissement.

But we can also do pregnancy shooting directly at your home.

- Thomas Bertini Photography -

A Cocooning Style.

A Cocooning Style.


During home pregnancy photo sessions, it is your decoration that will serve as a background. Your interior must be beautifully decorated. But you do not need to have a home published in magazine.

You must also think about your clothes and harmonize if daddy is with you. I also have two white lace dresses. There are also two flower crowns and a long black tule veil.

Thomas Bertini Photography - Photographe grossesse maternité femme enceinte Marseille Provence-2
Thomas Bertini Photography - Photographe grossesse maternité femme enceinte Marseille Provence-2


You can do maternity photo sessions for two or all alone in a cocooning style. We will use your decor, your accessories, like plaids, night dresses or other to give a soft and natural side to the pregnancy photo shoot.

The purpose is to transcribe one of the most beautiful moments of your life through a photo with a natural and cocooning style. I will try to capture the emotion that emerges from these unique moments.


Pregnancy shootings are done in natural light to keep a cocooning look.

But if you still want to highlight your femininity, I invite you to choose beautiful lingerie that suits you well. Yes, you are a mother, but you are also a woman. The maternity photo shoot can also have a boudoir side where we will honor the beauty of the woman you are.

Thomas Bertini Photography - Photographe grossesse maternité femme enceinte Marseille Provence-2

Professional photographer in Provence specialized in wedding, birth, pregnancy photos and photobooth rental since 2012. My photos are there to freeze moments of unique emotion for you to relive forever.

My photo studio is located in the neighborhood of Sainte-Anne in Marseille 13008. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and tell me about your story.

I am ready to move wherever beautiful events lead me. I am a destination photographer. So do not hesitate to make your requests even if you are not in Provence or abroad



Pregnancy shooting

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to book your pregnancy photo shoot or if you have any questions. They can be done at home in a cocooning style and / or a boudoir style. We can also take pictures outdoors or in the studio.

Home maternity photo session

The pregnancy photo sessions last one hour during which you will have time to change once outfits (so two outfits in total). The maternity shootings that are done at home also allow you to be more confident. If you want to shoot in a pampering boudoir style, it will be easier to dress in lingerie at home. Generally this type of shooting is between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy.


At the end of the photo shoot, you will be able to see all the photos taken directly. You will also take the time to select the fifteen photos that will be retouched. You can also select more for € 20 per additional photo.


The photos are retouched in terms of colorimetry and brightness. I can also erase skin blemishes and make a light smoothing. My goal is that photos keep a look as natural as possible. The photos will also be doubled in black and white.


Once the photos are ready, you will receive an e-mail with the online gallery link. Your friends and family can also see your photos if you wish. Then I will send you a nice wooden USB stick containing all the pictures of pregnancy in High Definition but also lighter formats.


The pregnancy photo session at home is 280 € excluding travel expenses. They are offered if the shooting takes place in Marseille. It usually lasts between one to two hours including selection.


I reserve only one shooting per half day. To know my availability, the easiest way is to call me directly. Do not hesitate to contact me


To book your maternity shoot, just contact me. I will send you an estimate that you will have to return signed with a deposit of 50% to permanently block the session.

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