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Frequently asked questions about marriage

If you have questions about the photographs of your wedding day, check out my dedicated Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you stay all day long?

It depends on the pack you choose.
Pack 1 includes my presence from the end of your preparations until the beginning of the meal.
In the formula 2 you will have the choice to have me more during your preparations or your evening.
And if you want me to stay throughout your wedding day, it’s pack 3 that you have to choose. I will be there from the beginning of your preparations, until the arrival of the wedding cake.

How many photos do you deliver?

My goal is not to deliver a specific number of photos, but to deliver a well-sorted photo report with exceptional natural and spontaneous photos.

What can change the number of photos you are going to receive is the time I spend on your wedding, what happens and the smiles of your guests.

To give you an idea, on a complete wedding from the beginning of preparations until the arrival of wedding cake, I deliver about 300 photos sorted and calibrated.

But each event is different. I can not tell you in advance how many photos you will have precisely.

What I can tell you, is that you will receive exceptional photos that reflect the emotion of your wedding day.

How are the photos delivered?

In all the packs you will have the selection of your photos sorted and retouched in digital format HD. The newlyweds receive a small wooden box containing some printed pictures and a USB key.

For your family and guests, an online gallery is available. They will find all the photographs in HD. They will be able to print the photos on different media and in different sizes. The choice is standard photo paper in 10x15cm format, up to framed poster. There are also mugs and puzzles!

I also offer high quality photo boxes and books that you will not find on the trade or on the online gallery.

How do you sort the photos?

I will take the pictures of your wedding with two cameras and doubling the shots. You will understand that at the end of the day I will have a large number of photos to sort.

I will first sort out all the duplicates and the very similar photos. Then I will remove all uninteresting photos, those that are not special, without emotion. And finally I will really keep the most beautiful pictures, those that stand out. All those who will tell the story of your wedding day in the most beautiful way.

Do you retouch the photos?

All photos are retouched in terms of calibration. First I will apply a particular grain that sublimate your photos. Then my goal will be to harmonize the report by adjusting the brightness, colors and contrast on each photo. Some of them will be pass un black and white too.

More retouching can be applied on some photos and on request for quotation.

How do you do the couple photo shoot?

Ideally we have to do the couple photo shoot 1 h before sunset. This time slot will allow us to have the most beautiful light possible for your photos of newlyweds. A soft and warm light that will sublimate the emotion of this unique moment.

How to organize group photos?

This is often an essential step for newlyweds and yet the one they dread most.
Badly organized, it is a part of the marriage that can become very long and boring. As much for the couple with the frozen smiles as for the guests who wait by the side.

So I suggest to the couple to write a list of the groups they want. Do not hesitate to make large groups. And most importantly, we need 2 people who know both sides of the family to bring these groups together. In this way we can stay focused to go as fast as possible.

Do you print the photos?

In packs 2 and 3 impressions are included. I offer you high quality prints. Boxes and photo books with papers of exceptional weight and beautiful finishes.

You will also find a multitude of formats and print media on the online gallery. It works very simply as an e-shop with a basket and an online payment.
You will also have the USB key with Jpeg HD format.

Do you ship all unsorted photos?

I do not deliver unsorted and unretouched photos. You have no interest in seeing duplicate photos that are raw without color and brightness adjustments.

It is contrary with my philosophy which is to deliver to you all the important photos and which have an interest. I will give you all the pictures that highlight your wedding day. Pictures that show emotions, beautiful reactions of you or your guests, the key moments of your wedding and beautiful pictures well composed.

How does the online gallery work?

The online gallery is very easy to use. You send the link to your guests and family so they can directly access all sorted and retouched photos. From this online gallery, they can download digital files in high definition (paid download) or print photos.

Like an e-commerce site, they will only have to choose the photos and the desired format, then add them to the cart. After he will only have to validate it and pay directly online to be able to receive printed photos directly at home.

Is the online gallery paying?

You can distribute the link from the online gallery of photos to whoever you want. Your friends and family can easily view all photos, download and print them.
Downloading high-resolution photos in jpeg format costs € 3 per photo.
They will also be able to print photos on different media and print sizes. As an online sales site, they will only have to choose their photos and format, add it to the cart and pay directly by card. A few days later they receive everything directly at home.

Should we meet before the wedding?

I will be with you in the middle of your wedding to take pictures of the most beautiful moments in all discretion. So it is important that we can talk together before D-Day. It is best that the feeling goes well and that you understand how I take wedding photos. We will also discuss the planning of your wedding day and I will learn to know you a little better.

It is not an obligation to meet us and it can be complicated if you are not near Marseille or abroad. So we can do a videoconference or just a phone conversation.

Are there any travel expenses?

If your wedding is outside Marseille, travel costs may be counted. You will not have any surprises, everything will be indicated on the quote you will receive.

How far do you travel?

I have no limit on the distance. I go everywhere where beautiful events lead me. Do not hesitate to ask me if you do not live in Provence and that my work interests you.

How long after the wedding do we receive the photos?

Once I have selected the photos of your wedding, I will have to edit them. It can take between 3 and 6 weeks depending on my workload. My goal is to give you a photo report that is truly unique, consistent and that looks like you.

Do you take everyone in pictures?

My interest will be on the newlyweds and the people around them.
I will also enjoy photographing people who show their joy for this beautiful day. The very important people for the bride and groom will be put forward.
My goal is to highlight particular moments, moments of emotion, capture them in a natural and spontaneous style.
Well organized group photos will allow you to take pictures of everyone. The rest of the day, I will take pictures randomly, depending on the reactions of people and the present moment.

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