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Photographe Var

Var photographer

For me, photography is more than a job, it’s a way to tell your story and keep an unforgettable record. I like to capture these special moments full of emotion. As a photographer, I am a privileged spectator who will allow you to live these moments eternally through my pictures.

I don’t take a picture without thinking, but I pay attention to what is happening and take the picture at the right time. It is important for me to compose my images well and to capture the emotion of the present moment.

My beginnings

I started photography when I was 14 when I discovered my father’s old film camera. Since then, it is a passion that has always interested me and that I have studied a lot.

My career as a professional photographer began in 2012 in Provence in an agency specializing in wedding photography and video. I became the manager of their studio for 4 years.

Since the beginning of 2021 I live in Ollioules in the VAR (83).


Since the end of 2016, I have opened my company to offer you various photographic services.

During these years, I became a photographer specializing in pregnancy, birth, 1 year, couple and individual photo shoots. My style is always natural and spontaneous.

With my past experience, I also offer wedding photo documentary.

I also rent my photobooth “La Machine Photo” for any type of events.

I am a photographer in the Var 83 located in Ollioules. My specialties are wedding, pregnancy, birth, 1 year, couple and individual photo shoots. I also offer photobooth rental.

I am located in Ollioules in the Var 83.
The photoshoots are done at home with your interior decoration or I can set up the studio directly at your home. We can also do the photo shoot outdoors.

I travel all over the Var for couple, pregnancy, birth, 1 year and solo photo shoots. For weddings, I travel everywhere and even abroad. So do not hesitate to contact me even if you are not in the 83.

"Quality over quantity"

My inspiration comes from film photography and famous photographers from ’50 such as Henry Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau. It is a human way of addressing photography, where we count each time we’re taking a picture, where we give attention to what we’re taking and how we’re taking it. Pictures composition has an important place. Cinema is also a big source of inspiration for me. I don’t do simple photo documentaries, I add feelings and a real personality to it. The purpose is to bring out your most beautiful moments through exceptional photographs that will transmit the emotion of the present moment.

"...où la qualité prime sur la quantité"

Je puise mon inspiration de la photographie argentique et des célèbres photographes des années 50 tel que Henry Cartier-Bresson et Robert Doisneau. C’est une photographie humaine, où l’on compte le nombre de déclenchements, où l’on prête attention à ce que l’on prend et comment on le prend. La composition de l’image y a une place importante. Le cinéma est aussi une grande source d’inspiration pour moi. Je ne fais pas du simple reportage photo mais au contraire, j’apporte une vraie sensibilité, une vraie personnalité. La finalité est de faire ressortir vos plus beaux moments au travers de photographies d’exception qui retransmettront l’émotion du moment présent.


Each event is different, and so are performances. Meanwhile, my involvement stays the same, and delivered pictures keeps the same aspect.

To help you understand things better, I set up formulas for each of my photography performances. You’ll find them on my price page here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to get a personalized quote.

If you are from Var, we can also plan a meeting. But if you’re not from 83, we can talk by phone or video conference.


Starting from 1650€

I accompany you while staying low during your whole wedding day. My goal is to catch the most beautiful moments of your day, through spontaneous and natural pictures.

I don’t deliver you a simple photo documentary, but a selection of the best pictures of your wedding. I take out each duplicate and meaningless photo only to keep those who stand out by their composition, or the emotion they give out.

Photos will be delivered to you on a USB stick in a beautiful wooden box with a few prints.
An online gallery will also be accessible for your guests.

Depending on the formula chosen, you also will be getting prints.

Couple marié nature couché de soleil photographe var 83


Starting from 260 €

Photo sessions for newborn babies are made at your home, using your indoor decoration as background but I can also set up my studio directly at your place. I am traveling everywhere in Var 83.

I am proposing a lot of different backgrounds, clothes, and baby accessories. Parents will also be a part of the photo shoot if they want to play along.

No matter if it’s studio light or daylight, I will be able to immortalize the feelings of the first days of your baby in a simple and natural style.

Pictures will be delivered on a nice wooden USB stick. Your family will be able to see the photos in an online gallery.

Bébé vêtu ours en laine photographe var 83


Starting from 240 €

It’s the animation that you need to animate your event. All of your guests will leave with an unforgettable souvenir.

My photo booth is available for independent location so that you can enjoy it as much as possible. You can also rent it with a hostess so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

“La Machine Photo” has a vintage industrial style, but don’t get fooled, it’s a Photo Booth of great quality. It has a big touch screen, a real reflex camera, a fast printer, and independent lighting.

Photos will print in a matter of few seconds in a personalized layout. Your guests will also be able to leave you video messages.

After the event, you will receive everything on a USB stick and on an online gallery.


Starting from 260 €

No matter if it’s for pregnancy, to celebrate your precious baby’s first year, to immortalize your couple’s bond or just to have pictures of yourself alone, I offer you formulas starting from 260€.

Photoshoots can take place at your home using your indoor decoration to give the photos a style that looks like you. I can also set up a photography studio directly at your place. Photos can also be done outdoor.

You will receive photos in a natural and spontaneous style. Selectionned photos will be edited and delivered on a USB stick and on an online gallery as well.

Femme enceinte fond bois photographe var 83

You're looking for a video and photo team ?

I am collaborating with Vincent Tesniere, a video maker with great talent while sharing the same philosophy as mine on wedding documentaries. We’re used to work together so we offer you a 10% discount on our formulas if you take us as a team.

Your Photographer from Var 83

My name is Thomas Bertini, I am from Antibes and I live at Ollioules since the start of 2021. My specialties are wedding photographs, newborn babies, pregnancy and couple, 1-year-olds, and individual photo shoots. I also offer to rent my photobooth created and made by me.

I started my carrier as professional photographer in 2012. I have been, for 4 years, manager of an agency of photos and videos specialized in weddings.
This experience learned to me how to manage my own society, as well as the professionalism needed to build your own company. It also helped me build my own identity as a photographer. In August 2016, I took the plunge and started to work on my own account.

photographe var 83 Brun Barbu Montagne Ciel

Photographer in Provence

I am a photographer located in Ollioules in the Var 83 but I travel everywhere.
Photoshoots can either take place at home or outdoor. We can use your indoor decoration, but I can also set up the studio directly at your place. Photoshoots can also happen outdoor, in nature, or by the seaside for example.

A natural style

My photo style is very natural. Indeed, I am looking to find the spontaneous side of these instants of your life. Your picture will express the feelings and emotions that these particular moments can hold.

Delivery of the pictures

For every formula, the photos are delivered on wooden USB sticks. They also are on an online gallery. You will then easily share your pictures with your close ones. A print service is also available directly on the gallery and offers multiples formats and supports.

Newlyweds will also have their USB stick within a nice wooden box. They will also find a selection of a few printed photos.

Depending on the formula chosen, you can have prints such as box photos or albums. These prints are also available as an option.

You're looking for a Photo Booth ?

Add fun to your event thanks to my photo animation.


Mettez du fun dans votre événement

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