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Frequently asked questions about photobooth

On this page you will find the most common questions about the rental of my photobooth.

How many impressions are there?

Packs 1 and 2 include the printing of approximately 400 prints in 10×15 cm format. An extra roll is left for you if you finish the first roll. It costs 110 € extra for a recharge of 400 impressions.

In what format do the prints come out?

The print format is a 10x15cm which corresponds to the size of a classic postcard. The printing is done on 600 dpi glossy paper so with a very good quality.

Can we customize the prints?

Layouts can be customized in part or completely. For the pack 1 an option to 50 € extra allows you to choose from a choice of layout. Once chosen, you will only be able to change the first names and the date.

Otherwise the pack 2 offers a complete customization of the layout. This pack also includes the video mode and the delivery of photos and videos on USB key.

How are autonomous rentals?

You will pick up the Photo Booth at the Marseilles studio the day before the event at 5pm and will bring it back to the same place the next day at 10am. I will take the time to explain how it works very simply. We will also take care of the rental agreement and the inventory.
When you bring back the photobooth, we set up the Photo Booth together to check the condition of the return.

Should you leave a security check?

Yes a security check of 2500 € to your name is required for all rentals of Photo Booth. It will also come with ID. It will be returned when you will bring back the photobooth.

What happens if there is damage?

The Photo Booth is designed to be resistant to any type of event if it is used in a normal way.
However sometimes it can happen that by awkwardness there is damage or you forget elements. In this case, once the inventory done, I will send you an invoice to pay for the items to be replaced, repairs and the amount of the damage if the Photo Booth was unable to leave on the following other events.

Do not worry. The only bill I made so far was 60 €.

The installation is not too complicated?

Installation and start-up of Photo Booth is really simple. Once both feet are unfolded and the elements placed on them, you just have to plug everything in. The Photobooth will turn on automatically on your programming in a few minutes.

Transport is not too complicated?

The Photo Booth is composed of several parts that can be separated. It is simple to carry even if it is better to be two. In addition, I have transport bags on wheels.

Do we need a big car to transport the Photo Booth?

Once the items are separated and stored in their covers, they do not take up much space. They fit easily in the trunk of a small city (no cabriolet) if we fold the rear seats.

How does the Photo Booth work?

It is very simple. Once started, everything is written on the touch screen. You have to let yourself be guided and press the right buttons. Once the start button is pressed, a countdown starts between each photo. Then the layout of the print containing your photos will appear on the touch screen so you can print or redo it. A few seconds after the validation, your photos are printed.

Does the Photo Booth make video?

In packs 2 and 3 the video mode is included. Your guests can leave a video message using a microphone on the side of the Photo Booth. as a guestbook but in video, you will receive all the testimony on a USB key.

Is the online gallery paying?

You can distribute the link from the online gallery of photos to whoever you want. Your friends and family can easily view all photos, download and print them.
Downloading photos in high definition format jpeg is paying € 3 per photo.
They can also print photos in various formats and print sizes. As an online sales site, they will only have to choose their photos and format, add it to the cart and pay directly by card. A few days later they receive everything directly at home.

What does it require as power supply?

Nothing special. A standard 220v electrical outlet is enough. The Photo Booth does not consume a lot of energy. In addition, it comes with an inverter to prevent power outages.

Do you provide disguises?

I can provide a vintage costume pouch. Those are small accessories cut out of cartons and mounted on small sticks. Mustaches, bow ties, glasses, and fake mouths are placed in a vintage jar just beside the Photo Booth. This option is 50 € extra.

Could you delivered the photobooth?

We can deliver the Photo Booth directly to you on the day of the event and pick it up at the end of it. This option costs € 190 and includes transportation, installation and removal of Photo Booth.

In pack 3, transportation, installation and removal are included.

Travel expenses are not included.

Is there a hostess?

In pack 3, a hostess will be present during 5h during your event. She will handle the transportation, installation and removal of the Photo Booth. The operation is very simple but she will guide your guests when needed.

What to do if there is a failure?

The Photo Booth is designed to be resistant but it can very rarely fail. A manual is provided with the phobooth to explain the procedure. In most cases, restarting the Photo Booth correctly fixes the problem. and of course I am contactable in case of real problem.

Should we put it in a lighted room?

The Photo Booth is completely autonomous in light. It will adapt to all light conditions. In addition the permanent phobooth light is worked to be soft. Like a studio light, she will sublimate you.

Can I put the Photo Booth outside?

The Photo Booth is like a computer: it does not like the heat, the sun too strong or moisture. If you respect that, no reason not to put it out. Just think to get him back at the end of the day and at night so he does not get wet.

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