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Frequently asked question about newborn shooting

On this page you will find the most common questions about my newborn photo sessions.

Can we bring the brother / sister?

The photo sessions must be calm to be able to take the most beautiful pictures of your baby.
Your older children are welcome to take pictures with the baby provided they are not too noisy. They could stress the baby and it would complicate a lot of the photo shoot.

In the idea of staying calm, you could take photos all together at the very beginning of the photo shoot (10-15 minutes). For the success of the end of the photo shoot, older children will have to leave. We will stay with the newborn to finish the session that will be accessed on the baby.

At what age do a baby photo shoot?

The best is to do this photo shoot in the first 10 days of your newborn’s life. This is the time when babies are the most calm and also where they sleep often. Which is much simpler to make them take pretty poses.

How to book the newborn photo session?

The easiest way is to contact me by email or phone. You must choose your pack for the baby photo shoot. You will find the different packages on the price page of the site. I request a deposit of 50% in order to definitely reserve the baby photo shoot.

How to prepare the baby photo shoot?

Ideally it is better to feed the baby only when arriving at my photo studio in Marseille.
If your baby peels a little, consider moisturizing it. Do not forget to take something to change and feed. If you want to pose with him, think about getting ready and taking matching clothes.

How long does a photo shoot take?

I only book one newborn photo session per half day. We will go at the speed of your baby. The sessions last between 1h and 4h depending on your baby and the pack chosen. Pack 1 includes 30 minutes of photo shooting and pack 2 includes 1 hour.

What is the photo shooting time?

It’s just the time when I’m taking pictures. Apart from that, there is the time for setting up the sets, dressing the baby and mounting the light. Your baby will also ask to be fed or changed.

How is a photo shoot going?

First of all I welcome you to my studio in Marseille offering you a cup of coffee. Then we will take the time together to choose the background and accessories for the newborn photo shoot. After we will choose how to dress the baby. I could finally set the scene and start shooting photo.
Finally, when the photo shoot is over, I’ll show you all the photos on the tablet. You will be able to make your selection of the most beautiful photos.

How many photos are delivered?

It all depends on the pack you have chosen. Of course you can select a little more if you wish. The additional photo is 20 €.

How long do you take to deliver the photos?

Once you have selected the photos at the end of the session, I will have to edit them. It can take between 2 and 4 weeks depending on my workload. I take care on every photo to remove small imperfections to really beautify your baby.

What if the baby arrives earlier than expected?

When booking we will set a day based on your expected date of birth. But do not worry if your baby arrives earlier than expected. We will find another date depending on my availability. Just call me to change the date.

Can we take pictures with the baby?

You are welcome to pose with the baby. The shooting time allows us to take pictures of the baby alone and with the family. Do not forget to prepare and match your clothes.

We will do family photo sessions at the very beginning of the photo shoot to let the baby calm down to the end.

Be careful not to bring too turbulent children. The sessions must be quiet to have the best pictures of the baby.

Do you have any accessories for the baby?

I have plenty of fabrics, clothes and accessories for your baby. You can also bring it if it is important to you. Just avoid bright colors, logos, drawings and overly graphic things.

Is the online gallery paying?

You can distribute the link from the online gallery of photos to whoever you want. Your friends and family can easily view all photos, download and print them.
Downloading photos in high definition format jpeg is paying € 3 per photo.
They will also be able to print photos in different print sizes and sizes. As an online sales website, they will only have to choose their photos and format, add it to the cart and pay directly by card. A few days later they receive everything directly at home.

When should you call to book?

You can book early in the pregnancy if you are planning. We will define dates that can be changed when needed. To make sure I’m available, it’s best to contact me at least 2 weeks in advance. But even at the last moment, I’ll always find a moment to do your newborn photo shoot.

Can the photo shoot be done at home?

I can move directly to your home with all my equipment if it’s easier for you. This will match the pack 3 with an extra charge of 100 €. Travel expenses will be calculated on the quote.

What are your prices?

You can find the different packs and options on the price page of the website. They include all the sets, accessories, baby clothes and photo retouching. Of course I will give you the photos on USB key and online gallery. Pack 3 also includes impressions.

Do you print the photos?

The pack 3 of the birth photos includes the printing of 10 photos on very thick paper of 2mm, delivered in a pretty box.
You will also find a multitude of print media on the online gallery. It works very simply as an e-shop with a basket and an online payment. You will also have the USB key with Jpeg HD format.

Do you have any experience?

I have been doing photography since I was 14 years old. Professional photographer since 2012, I decided to start my business in 2017. I started the baby photos since 2016 and I love it. Parents are happy with the pictures and the way I do the newborn photo sessions. I have a very good contact with babies.

Are the photos retouched?

All the photos you have selected will be retouched. All scratches, redness and other minor imperfections will be erased. In addition I will add a special filter that will sublimate your little baby. And finally I will duplicate all the photos in black and white to give them more character.

Do you have pregnancy + birth packages?

Yes, if parents reserve me the pregnancy and birth session at the same time. Once they have made their choice on the packs, they get 10% off the total of the two sessions. They will have to pay a deposit of 50% from the reservation and the rest during the photo session of the baby.

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