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Story Teller

Thomas Bertini Photography

Story Teller

For me, wedding or birth photography is more than just a job, it’s a way to tell your story and keep it unforgettable. I like to capture those special moments full of emotion. As a destination photographer, I am a privileged witness who will allow you to relive these moments forever with my fineart photos.

I do not take a picture without thinking but, I am attentive to everything that happens and take the picture at the right time. It is important for me to capture a whole, a mind, an emotion that is composed of many different elements.

The beginning

I started photography when I was 14 by accidentally finding my father’s old film camera. Since then it’s a passion that I have studied a lot.

My career as a professional destination photographer began in 2012 in Provence in an agency specializing in wedding photo and video. I was during 4 years the manager of their studio in Marseille.


I decided in 2017 to open my company in order to be closer to my customers and offer them a top quality and truly personal offer.

It’s not just a quality service. I also suggest to my clients premium photo media.

Professional photographer in Provence specialized in wedding, birth, pregnancy photos and photobooth rental since 2012. My photos are there to freeze moments of unique emotion for you to relive forever.

My photo studio is located in the neighborhood of Sainte-Anne in Marseille 13008. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and tell me about your story.

I am ready to move wherever beautiful events lead me. I am a destination photographer. So do not hesitate to make your requests even if you are not in Provence or abroad

"...where quality is more important than quantity"

My inspiration comes from film photography and famous photographers of the 50s such as Henry Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau.
It is a humanistic photograph, where the number of photos is counted, where we pay attention to what we take and how we take it. The composition of the image is very important.
Cinema is also a great source of inspiration. I do not just a photo report but, I bring a real sensitivity, a real personality. The purpose is to bring out your most beautiful moments through exceptional photographs in a fineart style where quality is more important than quantity.


Each event is different and the services offered too. My involvement is all the time the same and the quality of the photos delivered too.

So whatever your desires or your event, do not hesitate to contact me for a personalized quote.
If you prefer to discuss your project face to face, contact me to make an appointment. Meet me in my studio at 1bd Sainte-Anne in Marseille 8th where I will be delighted to welcome you.


From 1950€

The day of your wedding I accompany you as discreetly as possible. My goal is to capture the most beautiful moments of your day through spontaneous and natural photos in a fineart style.

I do not give you a simple photo report but a selection of the most beautiful pictures of your wedding. So I only select photos that give off something by their composition, or by the emotion they give.

The photos will be delivered on a USB key inside a pretty wooden box and accompanied by some impressions.
An online gallery will also be accessible for your guests.

Depending on the pack chosen, you will also have impressions.

Thomas Bertini Photography - Photographe mariage Marseille Provence-149


From 190€

The newborn photo sessions are usually done in my studio in Marseille.
You just have to bring the baby, take some food and changes and I take care of the rest.
I have several backgrounds, clothes and accessories so that we can set the scene. You can also take pictures with the baby.

In studio light or daylight, I will immortalise the beauty of the first days of your baby in a fineart natural and simple style.

The photos are delivered on a nice wooden USB key. Your family will be able to see the pictures on an online gallery.

Thomas bertini Photography - Photographe naissance bebe nouveau-ne Marseille Provence-21-2


From 240€

This is the photo animation you need to animate your event. All your guests will leave with an unforgettable memory.

My photobooth is available for autonomous rental to enjoy as long as possible. You can also rent it with a hostess so you do not have to worry about anything.

La Machine Photo has an industrial vintage style but do not make mistakes, it is a high quality Photo Booth. It has a large touch screen, a real pro camera, an ultra fast printer and independent lighting.

Photos print in seconds in a custom layout. Your guests can also leave you video messages.

After the event you will receive everything on USB stick and online gallery.


From 210€

A photo shoot made to highlight the beautiful round belly of mom. Of course, dad is welcome!
We can shoot outdoors, in the studio or at home in a pampering style.

I will be there to immortalize your last months of pregnancy in a natural fineart style. I will capture the emotion of a family ready to wait for the nice surprise.

The photos are delivered on a wooden USB key. Your family will be able to see all the photos on a private online gallery.

Impressions are also available as options or directly via the online gallery.

Thomas Bertini Photography - Photographe grossesse maternité femme enceinte Marseille Provence-22

Looking for a photo and video team?

I work in collaboration with Vincent Tesniere, a talented videographer. His image and his philosophy are identical to mine. We took an office in the district of Sainte-Anne in Marseille 8th to receive our customers and show them the quality of our common knowledge.

Looking for a photo and video team?

I work in collaboration with Vincent Tesniere, a talented videographer. His image and his philosophy are identical to mine. We took an office in the district of Sainte-Anne in Marseille 8th to receive our customers and show them the quality of our common knowledge.

Looking for a photo and video team?

I work in collaboration with Vincent Tesniere, a talented videographer. His image and his philosophy are identical to mine. We took an office in the district of Sainte-Anne in Marseille 8th to receive our customers and show them the quality of our common knowledge.

Your photographer from Marseille Provence

My name is Thomas Bertini, I come from Antibes and I live in Marseille since 2012. I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding and newborn photography and I also rent a photo booth developed and designed by myself .

My photography career began shortly before I arrived in Marseille. For 4 years I managed a Marseille agency of photos and videos specializing in marriage. This experience taught me about running a business and the professionalism it takes to build your own company. It also helped me in defining my own identity as a photographer. So I decided to start my business in September 2016.

Vintage photographer in Provence

I am a modern photographer but with a vintage style. I work with digital cameras, but with old lenses (fixed optics with manual focus and aperture) which allows me to have a great image quality and to have beautiful bokehs (nice background blur).

When I edit my photos, I try to have the particular aspect of the photographs in film (a grain and particular colors).

Photo deliveries

For all the services, the photographs are delivered on an online gallery. You can send the link easily to your friends to access the photos. A very simple printing service is available directly on the gallery and offers multiple print format.

For the bride and groom, you will have in addition a pretty little wooden box with inside a USB key containing all the day of the wedding. Also a wooden and leather photo box containing a selection of photos printed on very thick paper will be given to you.

Well sure, I also suggest you high quality photo books.

Looking for a Photo Booth?

Enjoy your event with our photo animation

Luxurious photo print media

As a luxury photographer, it is important to me that my clients can enjoy high quality prints. So I have selected for you high quality photo books. With very thick paper, a flat binder, different hard covers and delivered in a luxurious box. A sure way to keep your best photographs on resistant media. I take care of the layout using your selection of photos. I also suggest photo boxes. A beautiful box of wood and leather containing 18 of your most beautiful photographs. They are printed on high quality paper, 2mm thick so very rigid and very resistant.

My Vintage PhotoBooth on Marseille and Provence

Photographer but not only! I created my own photo-booth that I rent for your private and business events. You take a picture with the touch screen in which you see yourself. The photos print instantly in a custom layout. You receive all photos taken in digital format. Options are available like video mode or sharing live on social networks. I provide accessories in the bohemian chic style. For more information, you can go to the Photobooth page or go directly to

Have a nice visit

I hope my photos will please you and that you will enjoy visiting my site. Feel free to share the content of the site on social networks and by mail. You can leave your comments at the bottom of the homepage. Do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone if you have questions. I would be happy to schedule a meeting if you are interested in my services and want to meet your future photographer. I could show you my passion for my work and my professionalism.

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